Mobile devices are one of humankind’s most innovative inventions. Over the years, the mobile device has gotten more complicated and feature packed. One feature that has been around for a while is Auto Correct. It’s a predictive text feature that tries to figure out what you’re trying to type without you having typed it yet. In its attempt to make everyone’s lives easier and more convenient, Auto Correct can in fact do the exact opposite and create funny texts! It can change words without you even realizing and before you know it, you’ve already sent the message!

This site is a collection of Auto Correct fails and tribulations that people have experienced. If you’ve ever had a WTF Auto Correct moment, or ever sent a message and said shortly afterwards, “damn you autocorrect!”, then please take a snapshot of it and submit it to us!

The fail can be an iphone autocorrect, blackerry autocorrect, facebook and twitter autocorrect – practically anywhere the feature is being used has the potential to produce content suitable for this site!